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On Infrastructure, Hopes for Progress This Year Look Glum

President Obama barely mentions the need for improvements in the nation’s capital stock in his State of the Union.

Voters put a stop sign on red-light camera use

Nothing less than a statewide ban of red-light cameras will satisfy opponents of the devices, following victories in all three cities with advisory votes on the issue Tuesday.

"It's a populist issue. The idea is that we want to get rid of the cameras and those who aren't with us aren't with the people," said Nick Sherwood, of Puyallup, creator of

The Language of Sustainability - What You Said and What Others Heard

Several of us are speaking about an aspect of the communications challenge this Sunday at the

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    We have heard the recession is over, but nobody seems eager to return to the go-go of the pre-crunch heyday. Hit especially hard now are local governments, whose revenue cycles lag a year or so behind business. Some are in deep financial holes they’ve had to cut popular -- and some essential -- services. Having been in their shoes, I appreciate the tough decisions my former colleagues are making to cut jobs, force employee pay cuts, cancel important projects, and abandon services for families and victims.

    Roundabouts on the Road to Sustainability

    In the United States drivers are encountering roundabouts in more and more locations where there once would be have been traffic signals. At first these circular intersections may be confusing, and many people say initially they don’t like to drive them. But most grow to appreciate the benefits after driving through them a few times in congestion relieve and time savings. What they may not know is that roundabouts have a major role to play in making our transportation system more sustainable and dramatically safer than traditional intersections.

    Aging in Place, Stuck without Options: a new report from Transportation for America

    By 2015, more than 15.5 million Americans 65 and older will live in communities where public transportation service is poor or non-existent. That number is expected to continue to grow rapidly as the baby boom generation “ages in place” in suburbs and exurbs with few mobility options for those who do not drive.

    Cycling in King County

    The Greater Seattle Area is fortunate to have a comprehensive bicycle path and route system that allows cyclists to travel in relative safety throughout King County.  With improving weather it is time to get on the bike and see your neighborhood from a different perspective.  For those who are concerned about heading out on their own there groups to help.  Check out the Spokespeople website host neighborhood rides for new and experienced riders.  Their goal is to create opportunities to link neighb

    It Pays to Locate on the Right Side of the Road

    If you are locating a retail business, particularly a convenience retail business, it pays to be on the right side of the road.  The right side of the road is the side of the road that has the highest one-way traffic volume during the afternoon commute hour, not just the total two-way volume on the road.  Typically the right side of the road is the one most drivers use during the afternoon to return home from work, school or shopping. 

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