Boeing Everett Delivery Center

boeingeverett1TSI was the transportation member of the team to evaluate and design the new Everett Delivery Center (EDC) entrance roadway.  A primary challenge of this study was the relocation of the E-68 security gate to maintain security without generating off-site queuing onto the public road network.  TSI accomplished this by forecasting the future traffic patterns with the added EDC and inside the fence parking based on extensive traffic volume, queue, and processing gap surveys.  A simulation model was developed and calibrated to existing conditions and then used to estimate credential processing and queuing at the relocated E-68 Gate.  This analysis was summarized in a traffic study describing how the new gate location can support the new EDC building and also developed an operations manual for Boeing security staff at the E-68 Gate and guardhouse.  TSI also contributed to refinement of parking access to ensure compatibility with Security Gate operations and developed signing, channelization and traffic control recommendations to ensure safe and effective pedestrian, and transit circulation that was compatible with widely fluctuating vehicle traffic volumes.