Burien Fee-In-Lieu Parking Study, Code, and Program Development

cityofburienTSI conducted this study, developed recommendations, program implementation materials, policy amendments and code language for establishment of a fee-in-lieu of minimum parking requirements for downtown Burien commercial properties. TSI researched and summarized fee-in-lieu programs from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe, and made findings and preliminary recommendations regarding program structure, fee basis and amount, policy implications, and city parking program organization, parking development approach, and financing. Findings and recommendations were developed and presented to City staff, the Burien Development and Economic Partnership, and the Planning Commission. TSI incorporated stakeholder input and developed final program recommendations, policy and code language, and program implementation materials. The Burien City Council authorized the program in January 2010 as part of its comprehensive strategy for revitalizing its downtown and encouraging pedestrian and transit friendly development. TSI also developed the City’s downtown parking model.