Costco Wholesale Headquarters

costcoheadquartersTSI has performed the transportation facility assessment and traffic impact analysis for the expansion of Costco Wholesale Corporate Headquarters and Trading Center buildings.  Incremental expansion has constrained to a set of 30-year old Pickering Park Master Plan development thresholds.  Work involved developing trip generation characteristics, unique to Costco to demonstrate that the additional traffic volume generated by Headquarters expansion would fit within originally adopted thresholds.  Recently, TSI has performed the traffic operations analysis supporting the permitting of a 1,500 stall parking structure that would serve both current and longer-term expansion on the Costco Corporate Campus.  As traffic operations have become more critical for the landlocked portion of the City, TSI identified several longer term, area wide transportation improvements.  TSI is currently leading a team through the formation of a Local Improvement District (LID) to fund these improvements through a limited assessment cost sharing mechanism that will create substantial special benefits within the assessment area.