Pedestrian Crossing Study

TSI was the prime consultant for this pedestrian crossing study for the City of Issaquah, WA comprised of 21 locations including uncontrolled crosswalks, all-way stop controlled crosswalks, signalized intersections, and roundabout intersections. The projected kicked off with a well-attended Open House that included citywide aerial mapping to allow residents to literally pinpoint their concerns and share them with City staff and TSI. TSI collected traffic count data and 12 hours of video recordings for 18 of the locations to facilitate operational review of the locations. Each location was evaluated for consistency with current design practice and potential changes driven by future growth. The video review demonstrated how crossing designs, especially those used by the blind, require more consideration than merely meeting the slope standards of the curb ramp. Directional orientation and location relative to adjacent travel lanes had significant influence on how pedestrians used the ramp and crosswalk. Low cost improvement recommendations at both a corridor level and on an individual crossing basis were provided along with recommended tools and resources from which to develop a standardized approach to crossing evaluations and design.