Redmond Triangle

TSI is the traffic engineer for this residential mixed-use development located on Redmond Way east of 166th Avenue NE. For the PREP process, we prepared a traffic impact analysis, photometric analysis for street lighting, and technical justifications for Code deviations for the quantity of onsite parking, parking stall dimensions, sight distance and access spacing. For the CCR process we prepared the design plans for street lighting, roadway channelization and temporary work zone traffic control. The traffic analysis incorporated the City’s conversion of Redmond Way to two-way traffic flow. The channelization plans were required to be approved by WSDOT and tie into the City’s work along Redmond Way, which included locating signal poles and street lighting at their ultimate locations. Street lighting requirements were coordinated with both PSE and the City of Redmond. TSI also participated in the Downtown Construction and CIP Coordination meetings with Redmond staff, consultants, and contractors, WSDOT, and other local developers impacted by the in-construction Redmond Way and Cleveland Street project.