Our team is proud to provide our clients with highly responsive and expert services tailored to their unique needs. We believe our firm’s success is directly related to the quality and integrity of our staff.  At TSI, professional integrity means solutions that work for the entire community. Our approach emphasizes more than problem solving, recognizing the need for managing processes as well as developing technical solutions. We strive to develop a common understanding among the client team members, agency staff, and community groups; and clear, concise communication of the issues, alternatives, and solutions. We assist our clients from initial conceptual work, through the approval and design processes, the identification of pertinent issues and the implementation of practical and cost-effective solutions.

Victor Salemann, PE

Kirk Harris, PE, PMP

Steve Diebol, PE, PTOE, RSP1
Senior Transportation Engineer

Jeffrey Hee, PE
Senior Transportation Engineer

Andrew Bratlien, PE
Senior Transportation Engineer

Jennifer Salemann
Planner IV

Daniel Hodun, EIT
Engineer II

Mike Schaefer
Senior Engineering Technician

Jill Berberich
Office Manager/Project Administrator